sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

Ah love ...

-Myself humming? 
-t Kiss. Of course! Love you so much I married you before you even know you personally.

I remember like it was yesterday how I met you. You came to talk to me on facebook. At first I did not much matter, was delighted by another boy, but that's beside the point. I started talking to you and everything in my life changed. You made ​​me see a world with colors before saw only black and white. Now I'm a romantic, cute husband, who is on my side everyday. The sad moments that you console me happy is to share with you that my smiles. And by the way, your smile is so yummy. When we spoke on the phone I feel you near me. This is magical. His laugh is perfect, your breath will be saved forever in my mind.

It all happened very fast. The intensity of events came together with the amount of love I feel for you. Became a necessity. I wake up and think of you. I go to sleep thinking ... when I go on the streets ... the bus window I see the scenery and just remember you. I have no eyes for anyone else.

Another day out. I went to the doctor so he could evaluate some tests. Along with the songs that were playing on my phone, I was traveling alone smiling, remembering her voice, her words. That's more than love. You're so mate. I hope to be the only one in your life forever. I love you so much it hurts to imagine losing you. I dream of a good future. A future for the two of us, together. 
I am very dreamy, romantic and you match my expectations. You are exactly the man I always dreamed of. I hope you never suspicious of me because I just want you. Do not be so jealous ... I love you. Tired of giving all my love to someone else and she just throw all my feeling in the trash. You got my love with open arms. That's how you'll get every day in our house when we're living together.

Love you so ... You and Red Tulips.